What You Need to Know about Honolulu Airport

As much as you are looking forward to the trip to Hawaii that you planned with your family or friends when you know you are going to have to deal with the airport when you arrive in Hawaii you may want to make some extra preparations. Honolulu, as beautiful of a city as it is, is notorious for quite a few things, namely its airport and its traffic. The airport itself brings a special set of challenges to anyone passing through, so you want some basic information before you get there, so you know what you are dealing with. A little preparedness goes a long way when you come to Honolulu Airport, and this information can help make things easier for you.

The Basics of the Airport

The airport itself is not only one of the busiest in the United States but in the world today.  Thousands of people each day come through the airport as they travel from around the world to Hawaii for their vacations or business trips. Even though many people may visit other islands in Hawaii, nearly every flight comes directly to Honolulu first before you can catch a connecting flight. While the airport is one of the busiest, it is also one of the smallest airports in a major city. You will deal with crowds everywhere you go in and around the airport as everyone jockeys to get to the front of the line for different services, like baggage claim, car rentals, and taxi services.

Leaving the Airport

Another problem you may face comes when you are leaving Honolulu Airport. Fighting the crowds means fighting with hordes of others looking to make use of taxis and car rental services. There are long waits for each service, and either option is known to be very expensive at the airport. Rental costs are high, and when you add the high costs of gas and parking your car to it, they can be astronomical. Taxi service from the airport is also very expensive, with costs routinely $35 and more just to go to Waikiki, and this does not include the extra fee for each bag you are carrying.

The Better Option

If you want the best option and way to deal with leaving Honolulu Airport, we at Fly Shuttle Tours are the answer for you. We can provide you with reliable and affordable shuttle service to your hotel or resort from the airport so you can get there without the hassles. To book a ride with us, simply call us at 808-436-3744 or book a vehicle securely online at our website at

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When it comes to watches, everyone is well aware that the Swiss have a very strong reputation of supplying incredible watches with great accuracy and design. You can find some of the best luxury watches in the world today made by different Swiss companies. With so many different companies to select from, it may seem impossible to choose just the right one when you are looking for a special gift for that special person in your life or as something for a treat for yourself. Among all that are available, the perfect luxury option for you may be found when you take a look at the Omega watches sold today.


The watches that have been turned out by the Omega Company right from the start in 1848 have stood out for their incredible craftsmanship and design. The watches are meticulously made, making use of the best materials available for each watch to create the comfort and luxury that most people are looking for in a watch. You can find great designs in the series of watches that are sold today so you can get something for any man or woman. The watches are made to fit just your level of style and the great innovation that has gone on with the timepieces carries through today as advances are made in technology and design.


The Perfect Luxury Option – Omega Watches

When you purchase one of the Omega watches that are sold today you know you are getting a luxury timepiece that is crafted to last a lifetime. Each watch is made to withstand all kinds of conditions and hold up well and the both the classic designs and the newer trends are all made so that they will fit well with the fashion at any time period. The watches are water resistant, scratch resistant and made to keep accurate time like no other on the market, all while looking fantastic on your wrist.


When you are ready to purchase the pure luxury that Omega watches have to offer, make sure you go to to see the selection they have available. has a wide selection of watches from Omega for men and women and they also carry watches from many other top Swiss luxury designers so you are sure to find just the watch you are looking for.


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Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting times in your life it’s a good idea you assemble your team before buying a home. You get the chance to get the size and type of home you and your family need and want and can begin a new life together in a new community in the area. As you prepare yourself to start looking at houses available in the communities you are interested in, there is something you want to do before you move far along in the process. It is always a good idea to assemble a team of people that you are going to work with throughout the buying process so you can make sure everything goes well and you have good support along the way.


You may wonder just why you need a team of people involved in the process with you. You have probably seen on television and the Internet shows and advice that tell you that you can do it all on your own. In some instances, you may be able to handle certain aspects of the process alone, but it can be tense and overwhelming for you, particularly if you have been through it before. It makes much more sense to get experienced help from people like:

  • Real Estate Agent – Working with a good real estate agent will make everything a lot easier for you. An experienced agent can find just the homes you may be most interested in to show you, so you do not have to sort through thousands of listings on your own. They can also help guide the entire process from start to finish for you, answering questions and pointing you in the right direction.
  • Mortgage Provider – You want to make sure you have some sort of pre-approval for a mortgage before you move forward with looking at any homes so you know what you can spend and afford. Choosing a lender is an important decision, so you get the best rates and options for your mortgage.
  • Home Inspector – Most states today require a home inspection get performed before any sale is closed. Your real estate agent may have a list of home inspectors that they have worked with in the past that you can interview and choose from so you can select someone that will do a thorough job for you.
  • Real Estate Attorney – You want someone that is going to represent you and your best interests at the closing so you can be sure the deal is in your best interests. Find a real estate lawyer with experience in many aspects of real estate law like Gomez and Simone or another firm so that they can help you with any of the services you may need, such as a title search, recording the deed, checking for liens and attending the closing



When you have a team of experienced professionals working with you through the buying process, you will find that everything can go much better for you. There will be less stress and anxiety, and you will know you have good people helping you to make sure you get the perfect home at the right deal.


Young people need to consider estate planning too it is a great investment. If you are a young person and you hear the words “estate planning,” your thoughts probably immediately turn to an old married couple like your parents sitting down with a lawyer discussing their will and future plans. While the image may bring a smile to your face, the truth is that everyone that is an adult needs to think about the idea of estate planning and planning for the future. When you have a proper plan in place, it can help save your family and loved ones from having to make difficult decisions on your behalf or deal with complex legal issues because nothing specific was ever noted regarding your wishes. While it may not be something you want to think about right now, it is important that young people today consider estate planning as an important step in adulthood.


Too many young people today may take the approach that they are too young – in their early twenties perhaps – and they do not have to worry about their future right now. Becoming incapacitated or dying is not something that may seem real to you at this age, but it can happen to anyone at any time without notice. While you may feel invincible at the moment if something were to happen to you, your family may have little to work with to make sure your wishes are carried out properly. Taking the time to plan things out with a law office like Gomez and Simone or another law firm makes a big difference.


The reasons for estate planning are pretty straightforward. Putting a plan in place gives legal documents that state your wishes should something happen to you so you can make sure things get carried out as you intended. You may want an estate plan if:

  • You Have a Family – Whether you are recently married and have young children of your own or take care of your parents or another family member, you want a plan in place that makes sure they are provided for properly if you are unable to do it yourself.
  • You Have Assets – Many young people today possess items of value – a home, property, investments, a car, a boat, a trust fund, for example. Without proper planning and guidance, should something happen to you what becomes of your assets can be a drawn out and complex situation for your
  • To Ease Your Mind – While nothing may happen to you at this age, knowing that you have a proper and legal plan in place can provide you with some peace of mind going forward. You know that your wishes will be followed and that you will not have to worry about the future of your family.

Young People Need to Consider Estate Planning Too (2)


To get proper estate planning performed, you are going to want to seek out a lawyer to assist you. You want someone that specializes in areas of estate planning and law, trusts, and wills, family law and perhaps is even a civil law attorney should there be disputes along the way. Make sureyou get someone that can draw up documents for you that are binding in the state you live in so that your specifics apply to your area.

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Selling your home or real estate is going to be one of the largest transactions of your life and perhaps one of the most meaningful you are ever involved in. Do you need a lawyer to sell your real estate? You want to make sure everything about the transaction goes as well as possible from start to finish so that you can make the sale and the profit that you want. More people today are trying to take on the entire process on their own to eliminate intermediaries and save money on fees in the process. This has left many people to question whether or not they need a real estate lawyer at a firm like Gomez and Simone.


Yes, you can try to sell your home or property without the need of a real estate attorney, but there are some conditions that you want to consider before you go this route. It can certainly save you some money, but the savings you see is really dependent on the services that you may need a lawyer for. Certain situations will call for a lawyer, such as:

  • Required by Law – Certain states have a legal requirement that you use a lawyer for the closing of the sale, while others have requirements that a lawyer needs to be used for other aspects of the process. You want to turn to your state commission on real estate to see what the legal requirements are where you live.
  • Trust – As much as you want to have faith in the person, persons or corporation that is buying your home or property, there are times where you may worry about the process or if they will try to back out at the last minute. Having a lawyer to advise you during this time and representyou can save you some headaches.
  • Foreclosures – Things can get complicated if there is a foreclosure process involved with the sale. A lawyer can be there to help you iron out the details and make sure everything gets done legally.
  • Complicated Sales – There are some sales that have more complex issues involved, such as if you are selling along with someone who is not a family member, if you are selling a home that is part of a homeowner’s association or if you are helping the seller obtain a mortgage. Complicated sales bring about difficult issues that need to be clearly understood. When you have a lawyer on your side, it can help to smooth all of this over.



Do you need a lawyer to sell your real estate? While there may not be a legal requirement to have a lawyer where you are located, it is still a good idea to have one that can look over everything you are about to sign and point out any potential issues with your sale, so you do not make a mistake. In many situations, the lawyer’s fees are just a small percentage of the total sale, and the investment in sound legal advice can be well worth it to you so you can avoid problems.